First life. Then the taxes. Look for a new message.

How do we measure the success of our work? The incredible and well accomplished team we have formed. We inspire and motivate our team day-to-day. We have an excellent environment with our clients and teams we are working with.

With the HWS principle of understanding, care, inspiration, enthusiasm, we recognize your needs, find personal solutions, take away worries, offer security. We inspire and innovate with additional opportunities and perspectives. That makes us as a group with over 30 partners and over 550 employees the top contact for SMEs for taxes, advisory, legal, and holistic advice - and an attractive employer.

Founding member Ulrich Seeger

We do not follow trends.
We go ahead. We understand. We care.
We inspire. We Innovate.
We are forward thinkers.
Opportunity advice since 1923.

As an independent audit advisory and tax consultancy company, we are free from outside interests. Exactly right for medium-sized companies, family companies, freelancers, and private individuals. With the highest level of quality and service, we are at your side in partnership. Partly in the fourth generation. Our partners and over five hundred and fifty employees work every day to think in your spirit and to solve problems together with you.



We understand your concerns, interests, goals, and needs because we listen actively. We make it easier for you to understand by making the complex matters  of taxes and finances understandable and manageable through clear, simple translations.


As your personal on-site consultant, we take care of both quick solutions and long-term developments. Because we take the time to do it.

We are your central point of contact for all open questions and, thanks to our flexible network structure, provide you with the best possible expertise, even for special challenges.


We inspire you with modern, agile advice, digital strength, and real success stories. We will astonish or amaze you with new perspectives and opportunities because we think differently and innovatively.

The people in front of the numbers

Always delightful: confirmation of our services.

Of course, we do not work for prizes and awards. The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. Nevertheless, we are happy when our work and the performance of our employees not only convince our clients but as well as being recognized as tax leaders. This makes us proud and confirms that we have the right team with the right attitude.

  • Awarded annually by FOCUS-MONEY to one of the 100 best German tax consultancy companies from 2016 - 2022.
  • Awarded again by the Handelsblatt as top tax consultant as well as top auditor 2022.
  • Awards in the context of the FOCUS special "Taxes" in the area "Conversions" and M&A. Insolvency & restructuring, corporate succession, audit advisory as well as advice and tax returns.
  • For the forth time, we received the TOP JOB Award in 2022 and are among Germany's best employers.


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