For a century now, we have stood by your side in partnership with the highest level of quality and service - founded in 1923, HWS is now one of the most successful mid-sized independent auditing and tax consulting firms in the southwest. But we are connected by more than just success. We are united by a common HWS spirit. We do not measure a good mandate by pure size, for us it is the people that count, not the numbers - externally as well as internally. That's why our corporate motto is: HWS - people in front of the numbers.

Founding member Ulrich Seeger

We do not follow trends.
We go ahead. We are forward thinkers.
Opportunity advice since 1923.

Our history testifies: it is the small moments that write great history. With our company comes the competence and experience of a century of successful consulting. Our origins can be traced back to Mr. Albert Haussmann, who started his own business as a book auditor in Stuttgart as early as 1923 and became one of the first auditors in Germany in 1932. Mr. Haussmann's company grew in the following years and new employees joined the firm, including Mr. Welz and Mr. Seeger, who later became partners. The partnership also gave birth to the firm name HWS - an abbreviation of the first letters of the surnames of the three partners Haussmann, Welz and Seeger.

Since then, we have grown together as HWS, achieved a great deal and are pleased to serve clients of all industries, sizes and legal forms. To this day, our focus is on providing personal and qualified advice to our clients - our executives and over six hundred and fifty employees work every day to think in your best interests and solve problems together with you.


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We are proud to look back on 100 years of success and would like to specially thank our employees on this occasion. They all contributed to writing the script for this success story. It is through their outstanding performance over the years, inspiring our clients every day, that we have come a long way - without them we would not be the company we are today. We are proud of the great number of our anniversary, but even more proud of our employees. And even as we continue to grow, move forward and evolve as HWS, one thing will remain: We will always stand behind the people in front of the numbers.



We understand your concerns, interests, goals, and needs because we listen actively. We make it easier for you to understand by making the complex matters  of taxes and finances understandable and manageable through clear, simple translations.


As your personal on-site consultant, we take care of both quick solutions and long-term developments. Because we take the time to do it.

We are your central point of contact for all open questions and, thanks to our flexible network structure, provide you with the best possible expertise, even for special challenges.


We inspire you with modern, agile advice, digital strength, and real success stories. We will astonish or amaze you with new perspectives and opportunities because we think differently and innovatively.

The people in front of the numbers

Immer schön: Bestätigung für unsere Leistungen.

Natürlich arbeiten wir nicht für Preise und Auszeichnungen. Die Zufriedenheit unserer Mandanten steht für uns klar an oberster Stelle. Trotzdem freuen wir uns, wenn unsere Arbeit und die Leistung unserer Mitarbeiter nicht nur unsere Mandanten überzeugt. Das macht uns stolz und bestätigt uns, dass wir das richtige Team und die richtige Einstellung haben.

  • Von 2016 bis 2022 jährlich Auszeichnung durch FOCUS-MONEY als eine der 100 besten deutschen Steuerberatungsgesellschaften ausgezeichnet.
  • Erneute Auszeichnung durch das Handelsblatt als Top Steuerberater / Wirtschaftsprüfer 2022
  • Auszeichnungen im Rahmen des FOCUS-Spezial „Steuern“ im Bereich „Umwandlungen" und M&A. Insolvenz & Sanierung, Unternehmens­nachfolge, Wirtschaftsprüfung sowie Beratung & Steuererklärung.
  • Zum vierten Mal erhielten wir 2022 den TOP JOB Award und zählen zu Deutschlands besten Arbeitgebern.


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