Whistleblower system

To the anonymous internal whistleblower solution

We provide the opportunity to report offences within the company as quickly, easily and, above all, securely and anonymously as possible via an anonymous whistleblower solution from the company "LegalTegrity".

It is important to us to create a trusting environment in which things can be addressed openly. We therefore see the whistleblower system as a last resort and would like to point out that the whistleblower system is not intended to replace the existing communication channels inside HWS, but is simply an additional option for submitting reports.

The external reporting procedure is also available as an option, although you should prefer to report internally, as this will help your colleagues and the company.

In this context, here is an extract from the information from the Federal Office of Justice in connection with the use of the reporting centres:

"In addition, the law provides for the possibility of external reporting. For this purpose, the Federal Government has set up an external federal reporting centre at the Federal Office of Justice (FOCJ). This is independent and organisationally separate from the rest of the BfJ's area of responsibility. Besides the Federal Government's external reporting office at the BfJ, the existing reporting systems at the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Federal Cartel Office will be continued for their specific areas of responsibility.

The reporting channels through which whistleblowers can contact the Federal Government's external reporting office will be published on the BfJ website (www.bundesjustizamt.de/hinweisgeberstelle) in good time for the Whistleblower Protection Act to come into force on 2 July 2023. Reports can be made electronically, in writing, by telephone or in person to the Confederation's external reporting centre. However, only reports received after the Whistleblower Protection Act has come into force can be processed.

In cases where effective internal action can be taken against the violation and no professional reprisals ( for example dismissal) are to be feared, whistleblowers should favour reporting to the internal reporting office of the company or authority concerned. This is because internal reports are often the best way to get information to the people who can investigate and rectify the offence most quickly. If an internally reported violation has not been resolved, the whistleblower is free to contact an external reporting centre."

Further information and explanations can be found on the homepage of the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ).

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