Like all industries, the tax consulting industry is facing the challenges of digitalization. Even though we at HWS are close to you regionally thanks to our broad network, this is not necessary in the digital age. Receipts can be transmitted digitally, and concerns can be exchanged via conference calls. Even if the terms digital and personal initially sound like a contradiction, they are complementary to each other. The digital transmission of receipts achieves a new kind of effectiveness and efficiency. (Typing) errors are reduced, cost advantages are realized, and time advantages are generated. The ability to access digital content in real time means that personal concerns can be clarified immediately without having to search in paper files for long periods of time.

Would you like to use these advantages for yourself? At HWS we work on digital solutions with you. Regardless of whether you want to submit your documents on-line as our client in the future or whether you want advice on digitalization as an entrepreneur. We are at your side in all matters relating to digitalization.

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