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at the center of our attention

As a client, you are at the center of our attention. With our comprehensive range of services, we can provide you with optimal advice in every area: from taxation, to formation, to financial and payroll accounting, to management consulting: Our team in Tübingen will be happy to support you at any time in the areas of tax and start-up consulting, financial and payroll accounting, annual financial statements and management consulting. Together we will find the best way to your individual success.

Our consulting services include, for example, private financial and asset planning as well as the planning of liquidations, new businesses and reorganizations in terms of taxation. We can also advise and train your accounting staff. We are also happy to assist you in financial discussions with banks, help you with tax audits and advise you in connection with computerized accounting.

In addition to classic tax and legal advice, we also offer advice for various other specialties such as qualified medical and tax advice in the area of the medical professions or advice for the " freelance professions". We are also happy to support you in special areas such as tax issues relating to gastronomy, hotel and catering businesses as well as associations and foundations.

We believe: The future of accounting is digital.  Our goal is to optimize accounting processes for you. In addition to evaluations for corporate management and presentation to banks, you will receive sound tax and business management advice. With "Unternehmen online", controlling your company becomes easier, safer and faster.


Tax consulting:

  • Preparation of annual financial statements: Balance sheet or income/surplus statement
  • Tax planning to optimize the tax load
  • Representation in criminal tax proceedings vis-à-vis the administrative fine and criminal investigation department
  • Completion of business accounting (current investment, financial and payroll accounting)
  • Preparation of tax returns for individuals, legal entities and companies
  • Submission of applications in tax matters, such as deferral of tax debts, reduction of advance tax payments or extension of filing deadlines

Start-up consulting:

  • Examination of business idea for implementation feasibility
  • joint development of a concept
  • Advice on the choice of legal form from a tax point of view
  • Preparation of a well thought-out business plan
  • Support in financial discussions
  • Advice on start-up subsidies
  • Development of financial planning for the first years
  • Time and profitability plans with cost and revenue development
  • Calculation of expected break-even points

Financial accounting:

  • Continuous reconciliation of your accounts and reporting on your business performance
  • Organization of accounting
  • Account assignment of current business transactions and EDP-compatible recording
  • Preparation of short-term profit and loss statements
  • Management of open items from customers and suppliers

Payroll accounting:

  • Registration and deregistration with health insurance companies
  • Calculation of current payroll taxes
  • Tax advice on the drafting and preparation of service contracts
  • Review of travel expense reports, determination of taxable and social security components
  • current payroll accounting
  • Online connection to social insurance agency and tax office
  • Settlement of overtime, bonuses, travel expenses
  • Advice on the structuring of wage and salary payments
  • Support during wage tax and social security audits
  • Clarification of doubtful tax issues
  • Calculation of vacation, holiday and sick pay

Annual financial statements:

  • Preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with commercial and balance sheet tax regulations
  • Support with optimization decisions
  • Preparation of simple certificates or in the quality of an audit opinion
  • If desired, we are also happy to hold discussions with your bank

Management consulting:

  • Company valuations
  • organizational consulting
  • Advice on calculation issues
  • Corporate planning: strategic comparative and planning calculations in connection with financing and investment decisions as well as personnel recruitment
  • balance sheet and profit and loss analyses
  • Tax and business management consulting in connection with investment decisions
  • Budgeting with target/actual comparisons
  • break-even calculation
  • Preparation of business start-up reports
  • Development of strategies and business plans
  • Consulting for outsourcing projects
  • Preparation and adaptation of a business plan
  • Application for subsidies in connection with business start-ups
  • Business plan & liquidity planning




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