Ingo Haug

Ingo Haug focuses on business and tax law advice with national and international references to medium-sized clients. In addition,  the audit advisory of individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with HGB and IFRS, corporate transactions and the establishment and support of branches of foreign companies in Germany.

Ingo Haug is a member of the audit committee for auditors and auditors for quality control in accordance with section 57a (3) WPO at the Chamber of Auditors. Ingo Haug is also a lecturer for external audit advisory – audit advisory at the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences - European School of Business (ESB).

1988 - 1990 

Training as an Insurance Clerk

1990 - 1995 

Studied at the University of Tübingen,
Graduate in Business Administration


Appointment as Tax Advisor


Appointment as an Auditor

since 2007 




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