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Process documentation

The procedural documentation is a legally binding report for every company in Germany that describes the digital processes, systems and measures of internal accounting as well as the internal control system of a company. This report must be able to be presented to the tax office at any time.

Our subsidiary divedo creates legally compliant procedural documentation for you, which not only helps you to comply with the legal obligation, but can also be used as an efficient work aid within the company.

Our services

  • Structured and comprehensible documentation of accounting-related processes
  • Modern process visualization with the industry standard "BPMN" (Business Process Model and Notation)
  • Joint development of an internal control system
  • Advice on switching from analog to digital processes and systems
  • Advice on the introduction of the paperless office
  • Advice on the use and optimization of software and hardware

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TAX CMS stands for "Tax Compliance Management System". This is an internal control system within the company that is designed to ensure compliance with tax regulations. The aim of the system is to minimize tax risks by implementing reliable processes, clear responsibilities and control mechanisms with regard to the company's tax obligations.

An effective Tax CMS is an essential tool for modern companies to ensure compliance with tax requirements and minimize tax risks. Our comprehensive solution provides a structured approach to tax compliance - covering everything from detailed policies and procedures to robust risk management.

As part of the implementation of the DAC 7 Directive, the tax authorities are testing alternative audit methods (Art. 97 § 38 EGAO) to make tax audits more efficient. Companies with an effective tax CMS can obtain audit relief and even audit exemptions. We support you in setting up a Tax CMS that meets the requirements of the tax authorities.

Key features of our TAX CMS:

  • Comprehensive guidelines: We provide clear guidance on how to handle all tax matters to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Structured organization: Our solution defines clear responsibilities and accountabilities to enable smooth tax compliance.
  • Risk management: By identifying and assessing tax risks, we help companies to recognize potential problems at an early stage and react accordingly.
  • Effective communication: We ensure that all tax information is communicated efficiently, both internally and externally.
  • Continuous monitoring: Our system enables regular review and continuous improvement of tax processes.

With our TAX CMS, you not only ensure compliance with tax regulations, but also protect your company's reputation and strengthen the trust of your business partners and investors.

Discover how our tailor-made TAX CMS solution can help your company to effectively master tax challenges and secure legal advantages.

E-invoicing consulting

With the introduction of mandatory e-invoicing from 01.01.2025, Germany has taken an important step towards digitalization and legal compliance. From 01.01.2025, companies will be obliged (with partial transitional periods) to transmit invoices electronically. At the same time, all companies must be able to receive and process e-invoices.

Our consulting services

Our subsidiary divedo offers you targeted advice on how to seamlessly convert your company to electronic invoicing:

  • Digitization consulting: We advise and support you with the introduction of e-invoicing in your company.
  • Process optimization: Analysis and adaptation of your invoicing processes to the digital age.
  • Software and service provider selection: Independent recommendations that suit your systems and your industry.

Your added value

With our help, you will not only overcome the legal hurdles, but also increase the efficiency of your accounting and invoicing processes. Digitizing your invoicing gives you a competitive advantage and helps to reduce costs.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you implement e-invoicing.


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